Casuarinaceae SMRT

Availability of supporting data

The Illumina and PacBio sequencing reads have been deposited at NCBI with the BioProject ID: PRJNA450482, BioSample ID:SAMN08939822 and SRA accession number: SRP145409. The assembly and annotation of the C. equisetifolia genome can be browed at.This browser combines the genome assembly with the transcriptome annotations, and has tracks for gene annotation, and RNA-seq data. All other data and script in the paper can be distributed upon request. Requests should be addressed to Lianfeng.Gu (

Download Genome file

Genome Version1 (md5sum for Genome.fa.gz: 7b07b0b3eed4a36172b772d89a90e624)

Download annotation file

Functional annotation ccg_rebuild_gff_reorder_noisoforms_final.txt.gz KEGG annotation

Download GFF file

GFF file CCG.rebuild.gff.reorder.noisoforms.gff.gz CDS file CCG.rebuild.gff.reorder.noisoforms.cds_one.gz pep file CCG.rebuild.gff.reorder.noisoforms.pep_one.gz

Download RNA-seq bigwig file

bigwig file C.cunninghamiana bigwig C. equisetifolia subsp. incana bigwig

Additional Supporting Information

Table S1 Summary of library construction for C. equisetifolia TableS1.xlsx
Table S2 Statistic of genome assembly. TableS2.xlsx
Table S3 Gene annotation summary. TableS3.xlsx
Table S4 Summary of functional annotation. TableS4.xlsx
Table S5 Identification of non-coding genes. TableS5.xlsx
Table S6 Annotation of repeat sequences. TableS6.xlsx
Table S7 List of genes with alternative splicing events. TableS7.xlsx
Table S8 List of genome-wide analysis of DNA modification TableS8.xlsx